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Coolest brave frontier units

Keep reserve team members on hand Brave Frontier allows players to have up to five team members, but keep reserve team members around. This allows players to mix and match team members, depending on the battle ahead. Tailor team members to the needs of the battle ahead. You can create teams to fight against specific monster types, depending on the dungeon. Create teams of water heroes to head into the Caves of Flames and do the same for every dungeon. The Vortex Gate dungeons are more difficult to complete than the other dungeons in Brave Frontierbut players can still use this strategy successfully.

Just make sure to use the most powerful team. Players earn gems and other items for logging into Brave Frontier via Facebook and defeating sets of dungeons. Keep adding Karma to Synthesis area. This allows players to continue to create more powerful items. Collect two-star units or better by defeating the Vortex Gate dungeons and the honor point summons. Just use one or two for each team member you need to level up. This prevents players from using more than is necessary.

Keep fuse-only units of a specific type to use during evolution. These units are necessary for evolution to occur. Players also need to make sure enough Zel is available to evolve and the character evolving is at max level.

Using the Brave Frontier tricks, tips and cheats provided here, players can enjoy playing the game more and save Great Gaia.

Brave Burst attacks are best to use against bosses, so save them if a battle with the boss is just around the corner.

Find you're running out of Zel? Make sure you're using the right tricks to get more Zel on your playthrough. Players should add a healer to the team during tough dungeons or missions. They should also create cures in case of emergencies. Once you click the Enter button to begin, you can click the Back Button, and then hit Enter again.

Game Oracle Columnist. Twitter Facebook. Published Aug. Add me, I really am the master of this game and my cheat is flawless.

If you are about to die in arena just restart your phone before it says you lose and you won't receive a loss or lose points but you will lose a arena orb. Game Oracle March 11,am. Please be careful, if you use this cheat.

coolest brave frontier units

I have had reports of problems and it doesn't always work. Qayj March 1,am. Are u even sure that this going to work Ibeen on so many websites that said its going to work. More Brave Frontier Content. Brave Frontier Game Page. Brave Frontier Articles.The ratings found in this table are the sum of each unit's Lord stats. This does not take into account their leader skill, Brave Burst, hit counts, etc.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Units Types Leveling Groups Dual Brave Burst Other. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title.

Brave Frontier Global 7* Tier List

Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Categories :. Fencer Vargas. Burning Vargas.

coolest brave frontier units

Fire King Vargas. Fire God Vargas. Holy Flame Vargas. Flame Legend Vargas. Ignis Halcyon Vargas. Rage Beast Zegar. Fire Beast Zegar. Beast King Zegar. Inferno Beast Zegar. Pyromancer Liza. Head Thief Leon. Great Thief Leon. Fire: Shelly. Dragon Graven. Dragon God Granados. Fire Knight Agni. Magma Knight Agni. Blazing Knight Agni.As you continue through the lands of Grand Gaia, you will gain access to Units, by defeating and capturing them during quests, or by Summoning them through the Gates.

Units are the spirits of mighty heroes, legendary monsters and great demons who once walked the world. This interface shows all of the units you currently own. There are several filters that can be used to sort the unit view by tapping the Sort Filter button. The filters shown are sort in Descending order. You may change the order to Ascending if you like by tapping on the Ascending button, and units that are currently assigned to a Squad will be sorted separately and displayed first.

The total cost of the selected Units cannot exceed your current cost limit. The cost limit increases according to the player level. Units used as fusion material disappear after use. You can gain bonus XP by using Units of the same element as material. Earth God fused to an Earth unit will gain more XP bonus.

If the material unit has a Sphere equipped, it will be unequipped automatically. There is a trick to fusion. It's simple: fuse a goblin with five Fire Crystals, then fuse any unit with the maxed Goblin.

Some units have the ability to evolve. When a Unit is evolved, a more powerful version of the Unit is born. The following conditions must be met to make a Unit evolve:. Besides the usual conditions stated above, the following conditions must also be met when attempting to evolve any Unit to their Omni rarity:.

After a Unit is evolved, a certain portion of the Brave Burst level belonging to that Unit's previous form will be passed on to its new version. Each of the materials can be commonly found on their respective Vortex Dungeonsor in certain Quest Maps:. Evolution Items are usually used for special units, such as units that are before Disciples of the Gods batch receiving 7-star forms, units that are before Bariura Royalty batch receiving Omni Evolution forms, Mock Units, etc.

Legend Stone is commonly used for previous units that are before Disciples of the Gods batch receiving 7-star forms, units that are before Bariura Royalty batch receiving Omni Evolution forms.

Evolution Crystals are special evolution items reserved for certain Mock Units themselves. Each of the Evolution Crystals can only be obtained once. Can be obtained multiple times from Raid Battle. Sign In Don't have an account?

My top 10 units in Brave frontier

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Units Types Leveling Groups Dual Brave Burst Other. Contents [ show ]. Acme Gamer wrote:Nittie wrote: Hello! Unfortunately I've been trading my units to merit points since I needed them, so now all I have is Acme Gamer. Nittie wrote: '''''Hello!Hi guys,toad1 and his Yveltal here,please don't swear or be rude or my Yveltal will use Oblivion Wing on you.

Part 1. Yo people, I have played a crap ton of Brave Frontier but only lv. Do realize that this list is judged by their designs not stats. Also I treat different evolutions as different units so yea When you really need help in Grand Gaia, a cyborg might help you, using a Lightsaber kind of sword that can turn into a gun, this is a really a girl I wish I'm gonna get on a rare summon.

Holy crap, thank you Japan! Especially that beautiful beautiful katana, such sharpness! Expect the unexpected, my classmate Michelle got this as her first rare summon XD.

Gilnea:" You've been a fool in Grand Gaia, shall I send you to hell? Hades:"Send him Gilnea, he played this game for 6 months and only reached Lv. The earliest Light unit that you can find, helped me a lot in my journey and it was worth fusing her away. A Light god not enough for a boost, then get ready forXP. I wanna see this guy fight Zeln! Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Main Series: Global Exclusive Series: Other. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Units Types Leveling Groups Dual Brave Burst Main Series: Global Exclusive Series: Other. Fencer Vargas. Burning Vargas.

Fire King Vargas. Fire God Vargas. Ice Selena. Ice Queen Selena. Ice Goddess Selena. Pikeman Lance. Vine Pike Lance. Earth Pike Lance. Nature God Lance. Warrior Eze. Thunder Eze. Thunder King Eze. Thunder God Eze. Squire Atro. Knight Atro. Holy Knight Atro.

Brave Frontier - Episode #226: Top 10 Dark Units!

God Atro. Iron Magress. Heavy Magress. Black Magress.

coolest brave frontier units

Death Magress. Beast Zegar.

Brave Frontier Tricks, Tips and Cheats

Rage Beast Zegar. Fire Beast Zegar. Knight Zephu. Dragoon Zephu. Archer Lario.TIP: Manage your unit space wisely, or else run the risk of constantly having to sell any spare units you have. If you need to drop a gem on inventory space, do it.

List of Units with EXP Boost Effects

Units Type. Just wanted to get that out of the way. This allows you to avoid selling units you want to keep. Getting your Units No. Most, if not all, of your good units are going to be coming from the Rare Summon gate. Rare Summons usually will cost 5 gems a piece, with the exception of certain gates. Wondering if the unit that you just summoned is good or not? Refer to this unit tier list. Units can also be obtained from the Honor Summon gate at the cost of Honor Points per summon.

The HS cannot provide you any premium units that the Rare Summon gate holds. SHS can provide you with high rarity metal units, burst frogs, sphere frogs, and jewel units, all of which will be discussed next. I sold a Phoenix a while back. And I now regret it. Raising Units — Fusion You raise your units by fusing others into a single unit. This will allow your unit to gain EXP. With the exception of a few units, there is little benefit from keeping a dupe.

Raising Units — Evolution Evolving your units your primary way of progressing into the game. Questing This is where the adventure begins, and this is where your energy will be going to. Game Function: Just skimming over this. When fighting, there are sparks and critical hits. A spark occurs when a hit from two different units occur in the same frame, which will amplify the damage dealt on that specific hit only. A critical hit effects all the hits a unit deals, and will increase damage if it occurs.

Questing — Grand Quest Where you can play in stories untold in the main questline. These are unlocked as you progress through the questline, and certain GQs will unlock others. Questing — Vortex Consisting of permanent and daily dungeons, the vortex is where many event dungeons will take place in the game.

Wednesday — Cave of Desire: Where to farm for Mimics evolution unit 4. Friday — The Wandering Spirit: Where to farm for item materials.Posted March 15,Updated April 14,Permalink.

Your units are stored in your inventory, and there is a maximum number of units that can be stored there. First up is the Element. Each element is strong against certain elements, and weak against others. After that is the Level, which is increased by Fusion. Next is the Type. The types are:. The best type is going to vary based on what your priorities are for a unit.

The Oracle type seems particularly weak to me — better health recovery at the expense of maximum HP seems like a recipe for disaster. Each unit also has a Rarity which is expressed as a number of stars. A shout out to Redditor weaseldude for pointing out I neglected to cover this topic! Rarity has a number of effects:. When units Evolve, they tend to move up to the next tier of Rarity. Most units can only evolve a few times, though, and the highest Rarity monsters are only available if you Summon them with Gems.

Squads are groups of units that you use for quests. You can have up to 10 squads of 5 units each. As you can only use one squad at a time, a unit can be in multiple squads at once. As you complete quests, you will level up. One of the side effects of leveling up is the maximum cost of your squads will increase. The squad leader gets to use their usually passive Leader Skill to assist the entire squad in battle. Pick your leaders carefully, so that you can get the most out of these benefits!

Each unit can equip a single Sphere at a time. The higher the level of your Sphere hut, the more powerful Spheres you can create. Thus, the higher the level of the base unit, the higher the Zel cost. This means you should generally fuse as many monsters as possible at once. The experience gained is related to the level and rarity of the unit fed, but the experience gain formula is not well understood. Brave Frontier Tip If you fuse with monsters of the same element, there is an additional multiplier to experience gained.

Whenever possible, match up your elements when fusing! This is random, however, and is impossible to predict. Leveled up Brave Bursts are more powerful than their unleveled versions. Even if a unit is at their maxed level, you can still fuse monsters to level their Brave Bursts, to a maximum of level Thanks again, MistaBaux! Thanks trauminus! They grant a ton of XP. They are also not useful in any particular capacity outside of giving XP.

Thanks to thenlar for correcting my statement regarding evolution! Many units can evolve into a stronger form once they reach the maximum level. Brave Frontier Tip Evolved monsters reset to level 1, and remember that they have any Brave Burst upgrades removed. Once a unit evolves, it will morph into a more powerful version of that unit, but its experience will reset to level 1.



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