Cz bren vs ar15

They managed to trim almost 2 pounds off the original Bren. The Bren2 weighs in at a mere 5. Which is insanely light for any AR-type gun, but practically unheard of for a piston-driven platform. The lighter weight is a welcomed improvement and immediately noticeable as soon as you pick up the gun.

The weight, or lack thereof, also just makes the ergonomics and handling of the gun that much better. CZ achieved this by trimming down the aluminum upper receiver and going with a carbon fiber reinforced polymer lower. I will also say that the BREN2 has a slimmer barrel profile than the original. All of the ergonomics have been greatly improved over the original BREN as well.

Meet the New CZ Bren 2 Ms Pistol, Offered in both 7.62×39 and 5.56

One of the biggest advancements is that the charging handle no longer reciprocates while firing. The charging handle can be swapped to either side of the gun for your liking, and the magazine release and safety can be accessed from either side of the gun. The bolt release design is extremely well thought out too. The bolt release inside the trigger guard can also be pushed up to work as a bolt hold open.

The BREN2 that we got for review is technically a pistol with an eleven-inch barrel. Another nice touch with the newer BREN, is that it comes ready to accept a buffer tube to attach your favorite brace. This is a big deal because with the original BREN, you had to buy a rather expensive adapter plate to attach a buffer tube.

Very nice that CZ is thinking of their customers in this way and saving them some serious cash. The rear portion looks like it will be customizable with different inserts in the future.

It truly all comes together and feels more like an extension of the shooter, rather than a cumbersome tool. I mentioned earlier that the BREN2 has a very thin barrel profile, and I was initially concerned about this for a few reasons, one being accuracy. At yards it was solid, but nothing to write home about. We were getting about an inch and a half groups; sometimes a little better, sometimes a little worse.

Now keep in mind, that is well within what is considered acceptable accuracy for a military rifle. I decided to see how far out we could effectively get hits on man-size targets. I really feel that CZ has a huge winner on their hands with the Bren2. The gun just feels so good to shoot, and has great ergonomics, while being extremely light. While it is a very light gun, it is more than capable of getting the job done in the accuracy department.

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We enjoy engaging with our followers, and will gladly answer any reasonable questions you may have. I know they announced the rifle version at SHOT this year…. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Did you notice the slop in the endplate where you add the buffertube?Bren was specially designed for the sake of the Czech Republic service rifle before being commercial for several years.

The most well-known version is the CZ S1. Though it is now no longer available for open sale except for law enforcement special orders, you may still manage to own a CZ Z1 in one way or another. The CZ S1 is a gas-operated rifle, which draws quickly thanks to a user-adjustable gas regulator and the short-stroke 5. The reversible charging handle makes this rifle ideal for the ambidextrous shooters.

Source image. Flip-up adjustable iron sights ; 2 rear aperture sizes. All components together give off a solid and tight feeling, yet the rifle is lightweight - it is what you can expect from such a high-quality weapon. There are two Picatinny accessory rails attached to the aluminum upper receiver: one running from the handguard front to the rear and another running from the magazine front to the handguard front. The barrel is When it comes to CZ Bren S1, there are two settings for the gas block to feature gas ports at the rifle frontend and to release excess gas.

Even more, the gas system is removable for cleaning and maintenance at ease. Such the adjustable block not only reduces recoil, wear, and tear but it also allows the rifle to run cleaner and more reliably.

Interesting enough, Cz Bren S1 is both right and left-hand friendly. The charging handle possibly swaps either side according to the preference of the shooters. The safety selector and magazine latch are bilateral as well.

There are even colored marking positions to help you adjust the safety selector securely. Though the manufacturer initially sets the cheekpiece for the righties, you can reverse it for the left hand and accommodate the cheekpiece to the eye-to-optic position since the side-folding stock supports four different positions.

CZ Bren S1 is a short-stroke gas piston rifle. This kind of operating system is the common basis for many modern semi-automatic rifles. The short-stroke gas piston reduces felt recoiling parts. Accordingly, the piston moves separately from the bolt group to impart the energy in abrupt push so that the bolt carrier continues through the kinetic energy. Shooters, in turn, feel better control of the rifle since they do not have to stop at the end of the bolt carrier travel.

With CZ Bren S1, there are two settings for gas-piston operation: one for normal operation and another for adverse conditions in which the rifle is dirty and requires more gas to operate the action. The reach of Cz Bren S1 might be a bit longer for those having small-size to medium-size hands. As a result, they find it hard to touch the controls without adjusting their grip. On being off the bench, the gun comes to your shoulder easily with an excellent balance.

The trigger is lighter than 5 pounds once a take-up shot. The two AR style magazines make faster reloads as well. Overall, the action of the S1 version is smooth like butter thanks to the short-stroke piston, excellent heft and multi-port muzzle brake. Malfunctioned cartridge, or dirty firing pin hole.There are a few different ways to get them into the country and one of the more common methods is to import them as kits or pistols then convert them to rifles with US-made components.

CZ USA can be forgiven for the extra time needed to bring all the extra tooling into production. They expect to have rifles in 5. Other details and specifications are still up in the air. US-made BREN 2 rifles will have to be a little different from their military counterparts with longer barrels to comply with American gun laws. There could be some other small changes but probably not anything too significant.

It features a handful of upgrades based on feedback from early adopters and special forces users, including captive takedown pins and a modular M-Lok rail system. Otherwise the BREN 2 keeps the core design in place, with its short-stroke gas piston system and monolithic upper receiver.

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Some of the controls have been relocated to make them more like an AR but functionally it runs the same. Only time will tell how pricing will work out. Even first-generation BREN rifles and pistols range widely in prices. The BREN 2 rifles will be in high demand and that makes predicting their real-world street price difficult. It will be a lot easier to find a new Bobwhite, though. CZ is bringing back their lightweight side-by-side shotgun chambered forand gauge shotshells this coming year as well.

Like the BREN 2 the re-release Bobwhite is a second-generation model with a fully machined action and an improved lock. Other features include two triggers, threaded barrels for chokes and a straight English stock. Pricing for these is a lot easier to pin down. The relocated controls will be a huge improvement, the first gen were placed so far apart that you had to break your grip to reach them.

Another issue I found when running the Bren in drills was the handguard becomes painfully hot after a couple magazines of relatively rapid fire and takes a very long time to cool down.

Hopefully the Bren 2 has the bolt and bolt carrier updated so you dont have to drive a roll pin out to take the bolt out.Chambered in. An effective two-port muzzle brake helps keep the pistol solidly on target and reduces recoil and muzzle flip. For those who would prefer to own a Bren in rifle form without having to jump through all the hoops of converting the pistol version into an SBR, the Bren is now available in carbine form with a Available in two variants, the Scorpion Carbine is a whole new animal.

Building on the lauded submachine gun platform that first hit the US civilian market in pistol form inthe Carbine has a One of the nicest features of the firearm is the newly-designed forend, covered in M-LOK attachment points to keep the profile slim while still big enough to swallow most pistol-caliber suppressors should the owner decide down the road to convert it to an SBR for use with a suppressor.

Low-profile aluminum adjustable sights round out the platform, and a top Picatinny rail allows the mounting of a wide number of optics. Following in the footsteps of its clad-in-black sibling, the FDE Scorpion hosts all the same features that have made the Scorpion Pistol a hit. With dead-simple blowback operation, the Scorpion will chew through an ammo stash in no time. An obvious candidate for those who want to create a Short Barreled Rifle, the factory folding stock goes on quickly and easily, and is sold in a r compliance kit so that you have all the required parts to stay on the up-and-up.

cz bren vs ar15

FDE Bren Pistol. Scorpion Carbine. Explore John Author Recent Posts. Latest posts by Admin see all.Discontinued For those who would prefer to own a Bren in rifle form without having to jump through all the hoops of converting our pistol version into an SBR, the Bren is now available in carbine form with a Chambered in. An effective two-port muzzle brake helps keep the Bren solidly on target and reduces recoil and muzzle flip.

Kyle Sebert — October 5, :. I have wanted this rifle for years and finally own one and I must say i cant stop looking at it everytime I open the safe.

CZ really did a fantastic job with the Bren. I will be picking up a Bren 2 in the future. Garret W — July 3, :. Why this was discontinued I will never understand.

cz bren vs ar15

Probably one of the best built rifles I have seen or owned. With half of gun manufacturers spitting out the cheapest products with no quality control, it was nice to buy a rifle that is absolutely solid. I was lucky to find one. CZ knocked this rifle out if the park. I hope they are smart enough to bring it back. David Lamberson — February 2, :. I own several 5. Garrett Opolko — August 31, :. The accuracy is outstanding and it feeds every type of ammo I have feed it.

cz bren vs ar15

Love CZ. James — August 17, :. Wow, really impressed with the qualiy of this rifle. I slapped an acog on mine, zeroed it and was pinging gongs at yards with ease.

The recoil impulse is as smooth as they come. The and 5. Rob — May 31, :. Got to shoot a friends, loved it and was super reliable and comfort was a major factor. Just wish I could afford one. Lawrence A Visocky — May 24, :. My compliments CZ. I own many of the top end rifles and this one may be the best out of the box for the price yet. The trigger and action are truly amazing. The build quality is fantastic. Kevin Brady — April 25, :. Luis DeJesus — March 19, :. I am a retired US Navy Chief and gun enthusiast.

Out of the box you have a awesome trigger and muzzle break. My rapid shots stay on target.The Czechs have been making some very high quality firearms for many years, and that tradition continues with the CZ Bren S1 Carbine. Several designs were submitted for testing, one being the Czech ZB vz. Tests revealed the gun as better than the other entries, but it needed modifications to make it suitable for use by the British.

After a number of changes, the military adopted the improved gun. Made in the city of Brno by Ceska Zbrojovka, it is imported into the U. On the front end of the lightweight barrel is an effective muzzle brake that, while loud, does an admirable job of reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise. Admittedly, the 5. The gas piston action also helps reduce felt recoil. There are two settings, one for normal operation and the other for adverse conditions when the gun is extremely dirty and more gas is needed to operate the action.

A spring-loaded detent must be pressed to rotate the gas valve setting or to remove the gas piston assembly for cleaning. The aluminum upper receiver has a Picatinny accessory rail running from the front of the handguard to the rear on which flip-up front and rear iron sights are mounted. Both are alloy, not polymer, with the rear having a large and small aperture.

It is adjustable for windage, whereas the front is an elevation-adjustable post surrounded by protective wings. Another Picatinny rail is located on the bottom of the upper and runs from the front of the magazine well to the front of the handguard. There are no rails on the sides like there are on the SCAR.

The charging handle can be easily installed on the left or right, while the magazine latch and safety selector are ambidextrous, making the right- or left-hand friendly. Although the bolt is held back after the last round is fired, the bolt latch is located only on the left side of the receiver.

To release the bolt to return to battery, the charging handle must be retracted and released. The charging handle reciprocates when the gun is fired. Some may have difficulty reaching the controls without altering their grip.

CZ Scorpion and Bren

For an even longer reach, the grip backstrap can be replaced with a larger one available from the manufacturer. The two-stage military trigger broke at just less than 5 pounds after a short take-up and just a small bit of creep. And the gun is designed to accept standard AR style magazines.

It is supplied with two, and the magazine well is beveled for faster reloads. The has a polymer buttstock that can be folded to the right by pressing a button and can be adjusted for length. A non-slip rubber buttpad is installed, and the cheek piece on the comb can be moved from one side to the other. Field stripping for cleaning purposes is simple and requires no special tools.

First, after making certain the gun is unloaded, the charging handle is retracted and allowed to go forward. The safety is engaged, and then the front takedown pin is removed. This allows the lower receiver to be moved slightly forward and pulled down, separating it from the rest of the gun.Futuristic and versatile, the 21st Century has seen a broad field of lightweight, modular rifles and carbines that have gone on to success and give the AR some still competition.

Speaking of the AR platform, many of these guns came about as part of a pair of Pentagon programs. Army Individual Carbine competition, the latter intended to find a successor to the M4 carbine. The SCAR has been a hit on the international military and law enforcement market, seeing adoption by more than 20 countries.

Meanwhile, semi-auto variants have proved popular in the consumer market. First selected and adopted in limited numbers by U.

These select-fire versions included the 5. Using a short-stroke gas system that did not rely on the same buffer-tube required by the AR-pattern rifle, the SCAR can use folding buttstocks. Back when Magpul was still in their first generation of PMAGs and located in a state that rhymes with avocado, they came up with a concept rifle dubbed the Masada.

Also, they tend to run a good deal less than a comparable SCAR. Both are in 5. On this side of the pond, the semi-auto ARX is available in 5. Like other systems noted in this article, the ARX was a contender in the U.

It is specifically built to switch between calibers and even magazine systems easily. Photo: CZ. The BREN is offered in both 5. Photo: U. Marine Corps. HK has tried selling semi-auto versions of the G36 in the U.

While the Polish military has ordered something like 50, of these, and FB hinted at U. Finally, in China, a new modular combat rifle has been making the rounds in state parades.



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