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How to connect wyze cam to new wifi

Are you having a hard time connecting a Wyze camera to your handheld devices? Read on to learn more. You will need to enter your email address and create a password to sign up.

After following all the prompts on the App. Due to security concerns, Wyze removed the ability to connect to unsecured wireless networks. Since this is a reasonable move, you should always aspire to hook it up to a secured network. Instead of looking for how to connect Wyze camera to wifi without a password, look for ways to add a password to that unsecured network. This could be as easy as reconfiguring your router or purchasing an affordable router that will act as an intermediary between your camera and the unsecured network.

Wyze cam WiFi changing is one area users report having difficulties in. However, it is a very simple process. The best way to connect a Wyze cam to new Wi-Fi or change your Wi-Fi connection is by resetting the device and starting the setup process again to generate another QR code with the new Wi-Fi settings.

Wyze cam connection failed problems are often caused by using an inappropriate network. Wyze cameras only work on 2. If the problem persists, try the following troubleshooting measures:. Check this too: How to mount a Wyze cam pan.

Wyze cameras can be very helpful in improving your home security. With this guide, you are sure to make the best use of these cheap, yet effective cameras. Tags: Wyze. My thoughts are that I have tried everything to reconnect my camera to no avail and not being able to get support from except from email or community is awful customer service.

Chester Richardson 1 comment. Reply Rosalie November 11, at pm. Leave a reply Cancel reply. Leave this field empty.Jun 9, Other. The Wyze Cam is an amazing budget camera that works like an expensive one with all its bells and whistles. But you begin to wonder how far you can push the limits. Yes, you can use the Wyze Cam without internet but first you need to complete a few steps prior.

Now you can move your Wyze Camera to another location without internet and it should record if it has a power source. You can take the SD card and use a laptop to watch any videos or bring the Wyze Camera back to a location with internet and the videos will sync to your app where you can watch it on your phone.

There are however some caveats because Wyze has had some previous bugs that were fixed to resolve this. There is an active thread on the forum where you can read other peoples experiences, but other users have had success while others have not.

If you are still having issues using your Wyze Cam without internet, here a few tips to help you through it. The idea is you need to return it back to a place with internet so everything can sync back up. Then you should be able to view all the recording on your phone.

This means unplugging your Wyze Camera for a few minutes and then reconnecting it. Once powering back on, it should reconnect to the internet. Install a SD card beforehand to make sure you can record locally. The steps are pretty simple, unplug your Wyze cam and insert the SD card into the slot under the camera.

Need a SD Card? Check it out on Amazon here. There has been reports from other users where rarely the power goes off. No rhyme or reason why, but that can cause some gaps in recording. This is the bread and butter that lets your Wyze Camera record without internet. You can view videos that are recorded locally to your SD card all through the App.


You can use the calendar to pick which day you want or which hour. Update your Wyze App! Stay up to date on all the bug fixes and new features they release.Brought other unit to work today to see if I could utilize the provided, open, unsecured, available wifi network to show the view out my 2nd story office window. I discovered somewhere in the forum comments: Unsecured wifi not supported. If you try to connect to an unsecured wifi and leave the password field blank, you will get this screen:.

Your open network is 5GHz only. WyzeCam requires a 2. Your open wifi has a landing page. In other words, when you connect to the network with your phone or computer, a screen comes up where you have to click a button to accept terms and conditions, or something similar.

If so, the WyzeCam will not be able to get past this page. Landing pages are common with public wifi such as hotels and airports. The workaround for 2 is to use a travel router to serve as a bridge between the public wifi and camera. Once you connect to the public wifi through the travel router with your phone or computer dealing with the landing pagethen the camera will not need to deal with the landing page for its connection. You would need a travel router that supports WISP protocol such as the one linked below.

One advantage of this approach is that it essentially adds VPN-like security to the open wifi setup. Once the bridge is completed and the travel router is connected to the hotel WiFi, am i able to take my phone with me and use the Wyze Cam just like I would if I were at home.

Also, anyone able to make a YouTube video to walk a non tech person through on how to set this up.

how to connect wyze cam to new wifi

You have to use your phone or a laptop or tablet to get the travel router connected to the hotel wifi. After that, you can take your phone with you and connect back to the camera. The only glitch would be if the hotel has a setup where it times out and you have to click through a landing page again to reconnect.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am going to give it a try and see if I can muddle through this one. If not I will wait for instructions.

How to Make Wyze Camera Wireless

Early this week, hopefully. No worries. I will give it a go later this week on travel. If it works great if. It I will wait on your instructions once you get them posted. Just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for taking the time to create these excellent instructions.If you want to learn how to change Wyze Cam Wifi to use it in another room or perhaps in another place, this article will help you out.

The process is very simple, and you can have your Wyze Cam working with the new Wifi a matter of minutes. Just start the process as if you were installing the camera for the first time. Hold the setup button for about 20 to 30 seconds until you hear the message " ready to connect ". Follow the installation instructions and choose the Wi-Fi Network. As you can see the steps are very simple, but be aware that the Wyze Cam doesn't work with on 5GHz Wi-Fi networks so you must use the 2.

Don't worry, if you have a router that works with 5GHz network it also can operate on the 2. Just in case you cant see the 2. That menu should be different depending on the router you are using but you can find the " Network Mode " setup or something similar on any WiFi router. As long as you have your router configured like that you will be able to set up your Wyze Cam Wifi for a new network.

If you can't make your camera work visit the official Wyze Cam website. Just in case you need to remember how to set up the Wyze Cam, here the video He has been traveling around 17 different countries to teach people how to design, and install CCTV systems.

Here's how to change the Wyze Cam Wifi. Follow the steps:. Load the Wyze app on your mobile phone. Log into your account.

Plug the USB cable to turn on the Wyze camera. On the Wyze App click on the dots on the top right corner. Type "Add a product" and choose your Wyze Cam device. Follow the installation instructions to read the QR Code. Start the setup process. Choose your new WiFi network. Scan the QR Code. The picture below shows the wireless menu for a Linksys router. Video: How to set up the Wyze Cam. Good luck and enjoy your Wyze Cam. Share 0. Tweet 0. Claudemir Martins.Connecting a Wyze Camera to a new Wi-Fi is one of those gray areas.

how to connect wyze cam to new wifi

When you move or change your ISP, you change your Wi-Fi connection and Wyze should have thought of that at some point. This means that you need to follow the regular setup steps for your Wyze Cam. Since you already have a Wyze Camera, you already know the drill, and probably already have app.

Make sure your app is updated, and if there are any available firmware updates, do that as well. You can then choose a new name for your Wyze Cam, using the device settings gear icon after you have selected it from the device listing. The name is the first option, just tap on the name and enter a new one. If you have more than one Wyze Camera that you need to connect to a new Wi-Fi network, simply repeat these steps for each one until you set up all of them.

You can do further customization on your own, choosing the motion and sound detection, etc. Maybe in the future Wyze will introduce a new smart system that recognizes a new network and allows you to connect to it more easily. Hopefully, this made things clearer and you managed to do everything without any trouble.In this article we will show how to setup the Wyze cam and how to do the settings.

The setup should take about 5 minutes. Step 1. Download the Wyze app and connect to a WiFi network. Once downloaded, open the Wyze app and login or create an account. You can tap the icon in the password field to view the password and make sure you entered the same password in each field. Step 2. Plug in the camera using the included USB cable and power adapter.

When setting up your camera, make sure to use the included USB cable and power adapter. This will ensure the right amount of power is going to the camera and prevent performance issues. The LED light will be a solid yellow to tell you the camera has power.

Once the light starts flashing, your camera is ready for setup. Step 3. Adding a new device in the Wyze app. Select Wyze Cam. Tap the Next button in the app. Step 4. Adding your WiFi Information. Enter your WiFi network name and password. Tap the icon in the password field to display the password to ensure it was entered correctly. Tap next. Note: Wyze cameras only work on 2. They do not work on 5GHz networks.

SSIDs are limited to a 31 character length maximum. Step 5. Scan the QR Code. The app screen displays a QR code. Face the lens of your camera toward the QR code on your phone. It may take a few seconds for the camera to scan the code.

Keep adjusting the distance until the camera scans the code, but hold at each new distance for a couple of seconds to let the camera adjust. LED lights, in particular, can cause reflections that stop the QR code from being scanned easily. Step 6. Wyze Cam will then complete the setup.Installing a full surveillance system with live footage is a great way to ensure home safety.

Additionally, this can give you court-admissible footage against parties who may be looking to break in. These systems are somewhat expensive and the installation is kind of a big deal, really. Enter Wyze. And yes, you can install them by yourself. However, can these devices be turned wireless? As clearly stated in the user manual, Wyze cameras are intended for indoor use. Wyze Cam devices, for instance, can take quite the punch when it comes to frequent weather and moisture level fluctuations including fairly low temperatures.

Additionally, there are covers and casings available online that can protect your Wyze camera devices from various conditions, up to an extent. So, what does this have to do with going wireless?

How to Connect Wyze Camera to New WiFi

However, even at home, you might find it convenient to have wireless access. One important thing to take note of is that Wyze cameras already are wireless in a certain respect. They connect to your wireless network and to your smartphone and in that sense operate completely wirelessly. In fact, every Wyze camera is a unit in itself.

How to change Wyze Cam WiFi

Fortunately, this can be avoided or, at the very least, tweaked. The only real thing preventing the Wyze camera from going completely wireless is the lack of a battery. That said, you could always buy a power bank and feed the power to your Wyze device from there. This should work with most power banks and is the only viable way to make a Wyze device completely wireless, without getting into the science of electronics.

One unique thing that every Wyze camera comes equipped with is the daisy-chain feature. Simply connect a Wyze camera to the previous one and continue doing this for as many Wyze cameras as you have. By connecting the first camera to a power bank and daisy-chaining, the others should work, but it may take up more battery and result in a shorter power bank battery life.

That said, this is as close as you can get to turning your Wyze cameras wireless, with or without a power bank. In short, yes.

how to connect wyze cam to new wifi

If you use a power bank and place it conveniently, the device itself would be, in essence, a wireless one. However, keep in mind that the daisy-chaining option is much less of a hassle if you can pull it off. Did you try turning your Wyze camera into a wireless device? How do you like the daisy-chain feature? Did you get a power bank? Feel free to hit the comments section below with your thoughts, ideas, tips, questions, and testimonials.



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